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Social Media Services, Classes, and Training 

Back Float Marketing:

Three month package-$250 a month

  • Back float Marketing is a 3-month package that includes covering certain Social Media Avenues. We will post up to 3 times a week depending on specials and offers being posted. This package will be priced at $750 for the 3-month span. Clients in this package will also receive $25 in paid offers per month through Facebook or another social media that is prevalent to the offer. This package will require at least 1 week to go over chosen Social Media and comprise a campaign for the business before any posting is done.

Springboard and High-dive Social Media Training Sessions:

          Springboard Basics: Two Session package-$155

  • First session will include starting and setting up any Social Media needed by the business. Always including Facebook. Helping create pages and profiles and showing the basic layout of selected Social Media and making first post/s. Also showing how to like and share pages as a company page and not personally. Answering any questions about basic layout.
  • Second Session: Getting in depth with posting, liking, sharing, events and promos and how to make sure each post gets the most attention. Posting with client to show how things work and walking them through their posts to show exactly what happens when they post etc… Answering any questions from first session they had and looking over layout of pages to make sure it makes the most sense for the business.

          High-Dive Advancements: Two Session Package-$195

  • First session will include learning how to manage admin controls. Learn about the layout. Learn about the different ads that can be created. (on Facebook) For other social media we will cover the same admin controls that apply.
  • Second Session will include setting up your first paid ad. We will also get into how to understand the analytic system of Facebook. This will help you learn who is seeing your posts and who you should target. We will also explain the advantages of running different promotions and contests specified to your business.

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