Social Media Services

Social Media Services, Classes, and Training 

Back Float Marketing:

Three month package-$250 a month

    • Back float Marketing is a 3-month package that includes ONE main social media avenue maintained and posted on up to 3 times a week, unlimited email and text consultation on Social Media covered in package, building one Social Media page for business if needed, basic posting of holidays and basic goings on, $25 boosted or advertised posting on select Social Media, One graphic designed for page, consolation of insights and maintenance throughout, basic messages and responses. We will post up to 3 times a week depending on specials and offers being posted. This package will require at least 1 week to go over chosen Social Media and comprise a campaign for the business before posting commences.

    This is how businesses start creating consistency and relevance with Digital Marketing, and we have the skills and expertise to get things moving and on the right track!



Want to Learn yourself?! Check out our 1-on-1 classes for extensive knowledge! 



Springboard and High-dive Social Media Training Sessions:

          Springboard Basics: Two Session package-$155

Each session is 45 minutes to an hour maximum each week for two total weeks (payment due in full at start of first session of set classes)

  • First session will include starting and setting up a Facebook business page. Helping create pages and profiles and showing the basic layout of Facebook and making first post/s. Explaining Publishing tools. Explaining basics and understanding of Facebook and how it correlates with other Social Media. Also showing how to like and share pages as a company page and not personally. Answering any questions about basic layout.


  • Second Session: Getting in depth with posting, liking, sharing, events and promos and how to make sure each post gets the most attention. Posting with client and walking them through their posts to show exactly what happens when they post. In depth overview of Messenger platform. Going over all general settings and detailed overview of Admin controls. Answering any questions and finishing with a page that is ready to use effectively.

          High-Dive Advancements: Three Session Package-$195

Each session is an hour maximum each week for two total weeks (payment due in full at start of first session of set classes)

  • First Session will include detailed overview of insights tab, how to read the numbers, which numbers are important, and how to use the information to effectively find the Who, What, When, and Where. This information is required for advertising on Social Media.


  • Second Session will include setting up first paid ad. We will also get into how to understand the analytic system of Facebook. This will help you learn who is seeing your posts and who you should target. We will also explain the advantages of running different promotions and contests specified to your business. Full in-depth overview of Ads manager and the insights and Ad campaigns that can be created.


  • Third Session includes a 30-minute Q and A over the phone with customer to answer and follow up with any questions after all sessions are completed.

Upcoming Classes

No matter what you choose there are always classes going on for anyone to participate, and receive some very important information to give you that edge! Click the link above for more information!