Marketing Services

There is a problem with small businesses in this day and age. There is no time to do what is necessary to better them and their company. They have great ideas but no time to implement. No time to research and no time or patience to see it through. We are here to give that time back.

We have a diverse set of marketing and consulting packages. We are in this to walk you through the process of your marketing and business. We can just make a detailed and in depth marketing plan that you and your company can take to better yourselves and/or we will give you our “Hands on Marketing” Services. Helping you every step of the way. It’s completely up to you!

If our packages don’t seem to fit you quite right then we can always give you a piece meal proposal of what has been decided is the best use of our services for your company.

We charge everything monthly and make it affordable for any business. It’s like having a marketing team in your back pocket on retainer for anything you need. Just like big business and corporations have.

Not a business? We have even helped Authors get a following on Social Media before and after their book is Published when they are working on what’s important and leave the details to us.

If you want us just little by little and at times with no monthly contract then we can do that to for an hourly charge.

All new customers get a One Hour FREE Consultation with specific questions and researcdh to find out exactly what we can do for you. Don’t wait! Call us today and take advantage of the “New Way of Marketing.”


“Big Business Quality with Small Town Integrity”

For more information please click the links below on our packages and what we have to offer.

*All packages are minimum 3 months with a signed contract unless otherwise specified. Prices and services subject to change. Some exclusions apply. Hourly rate of $95 with no contract or services outside of contract.*






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